Project of artistic creation and self-curating

Self-Curating is a support program for the creation of experimental and independent dance and performance shows, which encourages and supports artists to create and self-present their work, in contexts and spaces other than the conventional and institutional ones, showing themselves to the public, live, in an autonomous, flexible and free way. It provides financial support and consultancy for their development, while also encouraging the creation of a new circuit for the presentation of performing arts. It intends to contribute to the creation of a new dynamic in the performing arts, in a movement of liberation from the current programmatic constraints, promoting the empowerment and independence of creators for their freedom, autonomy and self-responsibility in the modes of production, sharing and artistic enjoyment.


Support for creation for presentations in alternative contexts through:
Financial support; strategic and production consulting for performances; support in raising funding; artist residencies; support in rehearsal and performance spaces; dramaturgy support.



Support for creations in alternative contexts in an experimental strand of contemporary dance and performance.

Aims to expose, break and rethink. In an act of full attention and creation. In an act of rescue from time and relationships. A refuge for desire and closeness. More presentation circuits need to be made so that the performing arts system can be free and balanced. By supporting the presentation of performances in independent contexts, Self-Mistake promotes an alternative performing arts presentation circuit that promotes artists' autonomy for creation and self-presentation. IN THE VISIBLE encourages self-curation, so that the artists are not dependent on invitations to present artwork.