Ecology of strangers

Ana Libório

What is under that? A time, a space and a body. A queer- encounter ecology. Ecology of strangers explores the
experiential dissonances of a body in the digital and non-digital spaces. The purpose is a longing for digital
utopias in times when they are urgently needed. :1: I try to make something visible. :2: The being decides a point
of view. :3: Asking who stands beyond the perspective :4: What is the reality of the image? :5: The real is
nameless. All the modulations of my self-standing under the understanding.


Artistic concept by Ana Libório in collaboration with Tiago Vieira, S4RA, Bruno José Silva, João
Estevens, Mafalda Jacinto e Gonçalo Alegria produced by Associação Cultural Arraial Cósmico
supported by Parceiro Institucional República Portuguesa – Ministério da Cultura; Self-Mistake
and Latoaria; special thanks to André Loubet, Latoaria, Cão Solteiro, t2 Berlin, Makisig Akin,
Brittany Sondergaard, Rabbit Hole, Trust collective, Patrícia Couveiro, Carlos Cardoso.