In the Japanese alphabet there is a character - mu - whose meaning is 'not' or 'without'. It means 'nothing', 'not having', 'not being'. The Chinese character wu (which in ancient times meant to dance), on the other hand, indicates the absence of something. The sense of denying, of not doing, of not having anything to do, was connoted with the act of dancing.


The project CREATION NOTHING emerges in a context of social and political impasse in which we are faced with the urgency of creating a new paradigm that rebalances attention and production.
It is in this scenario of blackmailing economic growth, of the consumerist vertigo that makes us hostages of immediate stimuli and passing needs, that we invite artists, institutions, researchers and knowledge professionals, regardless of the area they work in, to collaborate in a project whose main goal is to question human acceleration and separation.

The project aims to develop in partnership, provocative actions that challenge "normality"; that test and imagine other possibilities of doing and being in society in a more integrally ecological and sensitive way, through the use of critical thinking and art, with the body and dance playing a key role in this movement of contagion.




Self-Mistake Project
Independent Productions/ORG.I.A

Artistic direction: Tânia M. Guerreiro


Support: DGARTES - Direção-Geral das Artes - Portuguese Republic - Culture and Lisbon City Hall - Culture