"The Chinese character wu indicates the absence of something. In ancient times, the meaning of denying, of not doing, was connoted with the act of dancing."

CREATING NOTHING is a programme that arises from the urgency of creating a new paradigm that rebalances artistic production.
We find ourselves in a context of social and political impasse, against a backdrop of the blackmail of economic growth and consumerist vertigo that holds us hostage to immediate stimuli and fleeting needs.
We call on artists, institutions, researchers and knowledge professionals, regardless of the area in which they work, to question this acceleration and its impacts.

We want to provoke contexts of pause, provocative movements that challenge "normality"; that test and imagine other possibilities for doing and being in society in a more integrally ecological and sensitive way, through the use of critical thinking and art, with the body and dance playing a fundamental role in this movement.