Production: ORG.I.A e Produções Independentes
Direction, Production and Curation: Tânia Guerreiro
Photography: Alípio Padilha
Vídeos: Ema Ramos and João Meirinhos
Texts Rui Catalão


Lisbon City Council - Culture
Portuguese Republic - Directorate-General of Arts


Institutional Partners / Emergency Support:
Arts Emergency Support Line / Portuguese Republic - Ministry of Culture
Cultural Social Emergency Fund and Social Emergency Fund - Lisbon City Hall - Culture
Garantir Culture - Cultural Promotion Fund



Trust Collective
Casa do Capitão


Tânia M. Guerreiro - Production and performance Curation

(Lisbon, 1975)

Degree in Scenography from ESTC, having finished her studies at the Institut del Teatre, in Barcelona (1996-1998). Studied Intermedia at Escola Massana, in Barcelona, and Management at Forum Dança, in 1999. Worked in the fields of dance and performing arts, cinema, visual arts and festivals, dealing with production, management, fundraising, European projects and communication. Between 2009 and 2010, performed functions of executive coordination in REDE - Association of Structures for Contemporary Dance and, between 2016 and 2017, was president of the REDE. In 2009 created Produções Independentes (PI) producing independent artists such as Rui Catalão, Jonas&Lander, Carlota Lagido, Tiago Vieira, Bernardo Chatillon.
In 2017 created ORG.I.A - Organization, Research and Arts, providing support and consultancy to several emerging and experimental artists, creating events and programs in dance. That same year won the Natércia Campos award for Best Cultural Producer. Collaborated in the programming of Transforma (Image 2020 and other events) and the Fiar – International Festival of Street Art in Palmela. For two years was part of the jury to Curtas de Dança/Kale/Teatro Municipal do Porto - (short choreographic shows).
In 2019 created the project Self-Mistake, to promote and allow artistic creation in a context of experimentation and risk, in the areas of contemporary dance and performance. Created, curated and produced the performing arts programs Dançar é a Minha Revolução (three editions since 2019) and Peep Show.



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